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While there’s nothing new and exciting about the features, this is a popular site with a large international membership base. It seems geared toward guys looking to bring beauties home from Southeast Asia, or to relocate to the East themselves. If you’re on either side of that equation, this site might be able to help you hook up with the kind of person you’re looking for. But it’s expensive and the customer service is poor.
There are always 1000+ members online. That’s a whole bunch! But what if you aren’t looking for a long-distance relationship, mail-order bride or globe-trotting romance? Call me crazy, but I’d rather meet someone within a thousand miles of where I live. I did a search for women in my age range (20 to 30) with generous parameters. My only condition was that she calls California home.
Well, I got more than 250 results! That’s a start. The bigger the membership base, the more chances you have to find someone who fits your more specific needs in a relationship. So the site will probably have a deep pool of prospects for you as well.
The matching isn’t great, though. On your homepage is a gallery of “Recommended Matches” based on the preferences you’ve set. I got no matches in the United States, let alone Los Angeles (where I live), and most were women in the Philippines. My criteria was about as open-ended as you can get, so that tells me something about the membership base… they’re not near me. offers three tiers of membership: Standard, Gold, and Platinum. Standard members (i.e., people who don’t pay) can “send interest” to any other member. You or I would probably call this message a Flirt, but hey, if they want to call it “send interest,” it’s their site. You don’t have to pay to correspond with Gold and Platinum members. Women, especially younger ones, are often reluctant to pay for a dating site because they think guys should pick up the tab. But there are more than 150 female subscribers here between the ages of 20 and 45. These ladies are serious about roping a keeper for themselves but again, I should point out that a high percentage of them are living somewhere in Asia.
Gold members can communicate with all members of the site, without restrictions. But it will cost you $29.99 a month. That’s a hefty price, but you can save money with a longer commitment. A six-month package works out to $16.66 a month and the price drops to $10 if you’re locked in for a year. It can be hard to accept that a year from now you’ll still be on a dating site and not in a relationship, but maybe the better way to look at is that if you are, at least you’re not paying through the nose for that privilege.
A Platinum membership is $34.99 month-to-month—ouch—and as little as $12.50 if you buy a year in advance. With this deluxe package you can watch video profiles, send and receive video mail, and have your messages translated into the recipient’s language. Still seems pretty steep to me. Gold is the best value at $100 for six months.
There are lots of success stories posted, with pictures to prove that these people really exist. The stories tend to be very brief testimonials, but still it’s a good sign that this site is working for someone. I tend to be leery of sites that can’t scrape up more than a couple of crummy success stories.
The profiles are designed so that you can tell a lot about someone at a glance. Right next to their picture is a little breakdown of how you compare in up to eight categories. For example: body type, political views, religion or star sign. This is really helpful.
It’s amazing how many profiles are barely filled out, though. A lot of people put 10 or 15 words in the Member Overview and Seeking sections. At least the women do, anyway. I guess most people put more stock in the photos than anything, but personality is important too! It’s tough to draw too many conclusions about that from two lines.
The search capability is robust. You can search by keyword or what they call “CupidTags.” This is like choosing certain words that describe you, what you’re into, or what you’re not. Use tags like “Sports,” “No Sports,” “Mature” or “Young at Heart.” You get the idea.
The site offers free profile verification. Just send in a scan of your I.D., proving to the site that you are who you say you are, and they will add a “Verified” badge to your profile. This tells prospective dates that you’re not here to pull a fast one on anybody. doesn’t provide chat rooms, message boards or an e-zine with tips or “tales from the front.” This is a pretty bare bones operation.
The FAQ is easy to browse, but you better hope it answers your question. doesn’t offer a toll-free customer-care line to call. Can you start a live chat session with a representative? Uh uh. Fill out an online request form or call their office in Australia, on your own dime.
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Free Membership

Without paying, you can browse profiles, exchange flirts and write to or reply to subscribers. That’s about it. However, it’s enough to dip your toe in the dating pool and see if you get a nibble of interest.
Profiles— View other members’ full profiles, including high-quality photos. The site will also tell you who’s looked at your profile, so you can return the favor.
Searches— In addition to the usual criteria, you can search by keyword or “CupidTag.”
Matching— They try, but not very hard. The matches I got seemed random and were all women living thousands of miles away.
Communication— Standard members can send and receive messages, but only when communicating with subscribers. You get unlimited flirts, but you can’t even pick out a picture or pre-set phrase to send someone. You “show interest” and they see this on their homepage. Yawn.
Support— No live chat or toll-free customer-care line. Gotta call a number in Australia or complete an email form if you need more help than the FAQ can provide.

Paid Membership

The main benefit of a Gold or Platinum membership is an open line of communication—subscribe, and any kind of member can contact you. Platinum gets video chat as well.
Profiles— Priority placement of your profile when other members order their search results using the “Order by: Member Grade” option. Platinum members can post and view videos. For whatever reason, none of the Platinum members I saw have videos.
Searches— The site doesn’t make this kind of thing clear, but I saw no advanced search capability reserved for paying customers.
Matching— Again, as far as I know, there are no additional matchmaking services offered to Gold or Platinum members.
Communication— Platinum members have access to IM and “A/V features” (video greetings and video chat), so they can have a virtual date without leaving home. Another perk is translation of your messages into another language, which I’m sure many guys appreciate, given all the female members living overseas.
Support— No special treatment for the paying customer.
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