Interracial Match Review

Review of Interracial Match

Overview is one of the more expensive sites for interracial singles, but there isn’t anything new and exciting about its features that would justify the higher cost. It seems disorganized and poorly run. The customer service is not impressive (more on this below). Given the empty chat rooms and quiet message board, it doesn’t seem like there is a particularly active membership base for this community.
One nice thing I can mention is that the site offers free or “basic” members opportunities to earn subscription time. If you make a suggestion or share advice, you can get one month’s subscription free. That’s important, because only paying members can conduct more than the most basic of searches. Here’s another plus—the site can be accessed via mobile phone, which is great for those who like their dating “on the go.”
Why is customer service not a selling point for this site? Well, live support is available through a chat window only two hours a day, Monday through Thursday, and only for paying customers. But even when I subscribed, my instant messages were never responded to. They offer live chat support a total of 8 hours a week and even then you can’t get anyone’s attention? I expect more for $40 a month.
I didn’t give up that easily, though. The site advertises a “24/7 Professional Support” line, so I called that number on a Monday at 2:45 Pacific Time. I got voicemail. The recorded message didn’t even say that I’d reached customer care,, or any dating site at all. That’s shady, man.
I had heard they offered some kind of profile-review service, so I emailed them to ask if I could get feedback on my profile. They directed me to click on “Who’s in my lists?” That has to do with favorites, who’s viewed you, etc. Huh? Maybe they outsourced their customer service to India and this guy’s English isn’t so hot.
Finally, I asked Cady, the “Interracial Counselor” assigned to my account, to take a look at my profile and let me know what was working and what wasn’t. This was the response. “Your profile works well and I resubmitted it again. It is better if you would like to write more about you/your match.”
The response wasn’t from Cady but from “Customer Service.” Maybe it was that cat in India again. Bottom line, his advice is pretty weak. I also sent the question into Customer Service, bypassing my good friend Cady, and got a better (but boilerplate) response with general profile tips.
Basic members can post a link to a video greeting posted on an external site (such as YouTube), which is nice. There is a free chat room, but it is virtually unused by the membership. The message boards are restricted to subscribers, but you aren’t missing a whole lot. They’re disorganized because people have posted at random in all categories. I tried to find some advice, inspiration or just some good dating stories. Nada. A few people posted musings about interracial dating that sparked some discussion. But there aren’t many new posts and a high percentage of them are personal ads.
On the positive side, the site has built a wiki-style database of user-generated tips for interracial dating. If you want to share the lessons you’ve learned along the way, you can. Contributing a tip will score you a free month of gold membership! Here, I found some good information about improving my profile, selecting photos, and other online dating stuff.
If you’re particular about such things, the blogs, forums and videos are not well moderated to prevent the posting of inappropriate content. The video section doesn’t seem like it’s been updated in years. Some guy’s raunchy self-made TV pilot from 2001 is the first video on the list. It has nothing to do with interracial dating.
Profiles are detailed and include optional compatibility questions, “first date ideas” and quirky details like “my favorite jokes.” Free profile verification is available for photo, age and income, confirming for other members that you are who you say you are. is not particularly user-friendly. The site is not well organized or well written, making it difficult to navigate. A member’s home page is text-heavy with small print. The different features available to free and premium members aren’t clearly presented, either. This isn’t a huge deal, but considering how much they’re asking for with their pricing, one would think they might do a better job of presenting the value of a membership.
Even basic members have access to a wide array of “Winks” that actually do a pretty good job of getting people’s attention. Some include the other member’s screen name or hometown for a “personal touch.” Questions include “If a genie granted you three wishes, what would they be?” and “name five things you couldn’t live without.” I’ve seen worse!
The site declares that it has been in existence for more than a decade, but there is no About Us section. There is no Members Online counter and the total number of members is not disclosed on the site. The success stories are brief and don’t come with photos. Weirdly, the stories seem to include a video, but clicking the link just takes you to someone’s Facebook page. No video, and probably not thrilling for the people whose Facebook pages are linked to this site.

Free Membership

Non-paying members have extremely limited search capability but can reply to emails and chat when a subscriber is the one to initiate contact.
Profiles— You don’t have to pay to see other members’ full profiles, including high-quality photos.
Searches— Searching even by location or ethnicity is not allowed—age, country and state are the only search criteria available. Basic members can’t see if other members have viewed their profiles or are interested in them.
Matching— The site doesn’t allow basic members to set preferences, so the “members you might like” seem like they’re pulled out of a hat.
Communication— Send un-personalized “Winks” and greeting cards, reply to emails or chat requests sent by paid (“Gold”) members. You can’t Wink until you’ve viewed five full profiles.
Support— The FAQ is extensive but not well written. They answer emails promptly, but it seems like English is their second language. They misunderstood simple questions.

Paid Membership

Provides access to advanced search, priority placement of your profile and advice for singles. Not the best deal around by any means, though.
Profiles— Subscriber profiles appear first in search results, but their profiles are not significantly more detailed than those of free members. You can see when people last logged in and who else has viewed their profile.
Searches— Advanced search criteria include new members, verified members, astrology, most recent login and member “responsiveness.”
Matching— The site presents “members you might like” based on compatibility with other members.
Communication— Subscribers get the usual email and IM capability but unlike many sites, there is no video chat.
Support— Priority care is provided to subscribers. “Gold” members have access to their own account managers (“interracial counselors”) to provide personal dating advice. I was dissatisfied with this service. I didn’t hear back from my counselor personally and the advice I did get wasn’t as good as what other users put in the tips section.
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